Before you travel or go abroad it is very important to know any possible risks to your health. At the International Travel Clinic, we provide patients with the recommended vaccinations and health advice needed for their specific destination.

Dr. Kunjana Mavunda

Get the Vaccinations You Need Before Traveling Overseas

Established in 1998, International Travel Clinic was opened by Dr. Kunjana Mavunda to provide patients traveling overseas with quality health care services. Born in Kenya, educated in Poland, England and the US, Dr. Mavunda has first hand experience of what travelers may expect during their travels. Prior to opening the clinic, Dr. Mavunda had been the Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Florida Department of Health. She has participated with epidemiologists from CDC while investigating one of the first outbreaks of Norovirus in cruise ships, and other outbreaks, such as typhoid related to juice from Peru, hepatitis A in Miami-Dade.

Our Adventures

Visitors (adults and children) traveling to visit friends and families in other parts of the world have returned from their travels with preventable diseases, such as malaria, typhoid, travelers' diarrhea. That is why the International Travel Clinic was established to provide preventive services, since no other clinic of its kind was available in Miami-Dade County.

Since opening our doors, the clinic has grown exponentially. Needing more space, our office moved from Coral Gables to South Miami. Services are also now available in satellite offices in Homestead, FL.

So, if you're planning on going overseas, make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid preventable illnesses. Call one of our locations to make an appointment today!