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Welcome to the International Travel Clinic!

Traveling should not be stressful. At the International Travel Clinic in Miami-Dade County, our goal is to educate you about safe travel practices, as well as provide immunizations, prescriptions and products to ensure safe and healthy travel. We provide advice depending on your destination.

Whether you need general advice , preventive medications, or blood tests to avoid illness in other countries – we have flexible scheduling to accommodate you or your group’s itinerary at different locations.

In order to provide personalized travel advice, it is important to review your medical and immunizations history, as well as your itinerary. We suggest that you complete the recommended questionnaire, and email it to so that Dr. Mavunda can review prior to your appointment. This allows for an efficient visit.

After you answer questionnaire, our on-site physician will give you detailed, individualized advice based on your health history and travel plans. Our highly-trained staff, which includes an MD, ARNP, and RN, has experience working with anyone from infants to seniors.

International Travel is Exhilarating & Educational

However, there are risks that one has to be aware of. Some countries require the yellow fever vaccine in order to enter the country. Requirements for COVID-19 vaccines and testing are constantly changing.

Travel agents advise the traveler what the country they are traveling to requires. But, they cannot advise about the management of food and water-borne diseases, diseases transmitted by insects, and other risks that the traveler may encounter while traveling.

It is important to contact a travel medicine physician as soon as the travel itinerary is finalized. Information about what a traveler should be aware of is available on the internet. Most vaccines are available at pharmacies. A travel medicine specialist will review your health, immunization history, and itinerary and will tailor the recommendation regarding: which vaccines to take and what prescriptions to write for safe travel.



Cholera, and typhoid vaccienes are available

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Our History

The International Travel Clinic was opened in 1998 by Dr. Mavunda, in order to provide traveling patients with the best in healthcare. Dr. Mavunda was born in Kenya and educated in Poland, England, and the US. This gave her firsthand experience in the needs of overseas travelers. Prior to opening the clinic, she was the Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Florida Department of Health. Her work allowed her to work with epidemiologists from the CDC to investigate one of the first outbreaks of Norovirus on cruise ships and other outbreaks, such as typhoid and hepatitis A.
Dr. Mavunda has passed exams from the International Society of Travel Medicine and the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Additionally, our clinic is part of the Geosentinel Surveillance Network, a network of travel and tropical medicine clinicians, operated by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because of this, we have access to world-renowned scientists and are able to keep updated with the most recent outbreaks around the world.

Flexible appointments upon request! Contact us or email us



Let me say this place is incredibly helpful and very convenient. I’ve traveled to two countries already, and each required an extensive doctor’s check-up. Rather than wait months on end for my primary care physician or anyone else to do it, you can go straight to the travel clinic which is open when you need them and you always have a doctor available to fill out your check-up forms and fulfill this annoying requirement without the hassle of waiting MONTHS for an appointment. The latest I’ve received appointments was days later, but they’re almost always available. I’ve also gotten more than 7 vaccines here. While the vaccines unfortunately are not cheap without insurance, for certain types of international travelers like me, what they lack in cost they make up for in convenience, practicality, and expediency. Plus, the vaccines are a must and a requirement for any traveler applying for a working visa abroad. The travel clinic provides a much needed service and it provides it better than most in the area.

-Eddy Lopez-Torres


Doctor Mavunda and everyone there is superb. Knowledgeable, professional, friendly. Everything clean, comfortable. The vaccines and vaccination is ready and administered right away or/and a convenient schedule is provided on the spot.

-Andrei Kozyrev



I don’t often write reviews but wanted to take a moment to share that I had a very positive experience at Dr. Mavunda‘s office. We went to see her to get shots/vaccines in preparation for a trip to Africa. We were seen very quickly. The doctor spent a good amount of time with us, asking questions about our itinerary, educating us on a variety of matters, as well as administering the appropriate shots. Would absolutely recommend going to her in advance of international travel.

-Laura Steckler


I cannot recommend Dr. Mavunda more. Upon arriving home from an East Africa country, my tropical illness symptoms led me to the ER and various “specialists” of tropical medicine. After 4+ weeks of suffering symptoms and running like a hamster on a wheel through tests and appointments, I was getting nowhere, and I could not find any doctors concerned about curing the illness at the source. They only suggested symptomatic cures and were not taking the illness seriously. When I got in touch with Dr. Mavunda, it was a whole new world. She prioritized me as her patient and created a supportive space to understand the nature of my epidemiological exposure. In our first virtual visit, she asked specific questions that had never been asked before and demonstrated her knowledge of the field of tropical epidemiology. She supported me through the process of acquiring the treatment that I needed, and 24 hours after receiving treatment, my symptoms ceased. Whereas other doctors told me I must have some long-lasting illness which will go on for many months, Dr. Mavunda cured it at the source in under 24 hours. Thanks to Dr. Mavunda’s vast expertise and personalized care, I got my health and vitality back. If you are serious about your health, proceed with confidence that this doctor is just as serious. Thank you, Dr. Mavunda, you are the best.

-Le Lu


This office is my new-found jewel! Making the appointment and completing the paperwork were a breeze. My appointment was swift and on-time, and the doctor gave me all the time I needed to express my needs. The doctor and her staff are a joy to deal with, and I am glad to have found them. I’ve never written a review before on Google, but that’s how happy I am.

(I looked a long time to find these services at a place that I felt comfortable with, and here I am.)

-Rick V.



Dr. Mavunda is so kind and thorough. I went in before my trip to Kenya for a yellow fever vaccine. She saved me money by pointing out that I had already had the shot a few years prior. She walked me through the potential risks food and bug-wise and updated my flu and Hep A shots. Her staff is incredibly kind as well.

-Mary Beth Koeth